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Bespoke Tool Service

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Dry Diamond Drilling
Dry cutting diamond drills are a fast alternative to rotary percussion drills, producing clean holes that require no making good with the minimum of effort.
Requirements are: Standard electric drill approx. 1000 watts, variable speed with clutch, rotary action only (not hammer action); tungsten drill to make pilot hole; correct size core and adaptor with a guide rod. The pilot hole method is recommended, but if a tungsten pilot drill is used it must be knocked out after the core drill enters.;
DO NOT use percussive units or tools without a slipping clutch system.

Dust Extraction
Slotted barrels are supplied as standard. Non-slotted barrels are available for dust extraction systems. Please specify when ordering.

Dry cores can be re-tipped with new segments where the barrels are in good condition. Please contact us.

ENCORE designs available for:
new build
hard brick
hard aggregate
Please specify when ordering.

Dry cores are not suitable for reinforced concrete

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